We are a prominent freight and transportation services with over 65 years of expertise in the industry.

The focus of this family owned business is not competition, but quality. Our strong passion to become the #1 choice for freight and transportation services in the USA and abroad has driven the dynamic and enthusiastic team to accomplish many achievements, which make us superior over our rivals. The level of unmatched professionalism and commitment to deliver customer satisfaction in the form of a reliable freight and transportation service is the most powerful weapon of GeviTrans.

We, as a company strive to build reliability, quality and trust in the hearts of our domestic and commercial clients worldwide. We understand the importance of timely and secure delivery; that is why we continuously utilize most of our resources to uplift the standards of the services we provide.

Our experienced employees and the extensive fleet of delivery vehicles are ready to handle your freight, and transport it right to your doorstep with a guarantee of safety.

At GeviTrans, we offer high quality and convenient door-to-door delivery for a fraction of the cost offered by other companies.

Our experience in the industry permits us to approach tasks differently and efficiently allowing us to distribute the benefits to your clients while maintaining the quality.

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